How to Submit an Application

  1. Complete the one-page grant application form.
  2. Write a narrative that is no more than two typed pages in a font not smaller than 12 pts. The narrative should include the following:
    1. Brief description of your organization
    2. Statement of need for program or project
    3. Project goals and activities
    4. Timeline for program/project
    5. How you will measure your success
  3. A copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) certification letter or
    1. If you have a fiscal sponsor, include a copy of your sponsor’s most recent IRS 501(c)(3).
    2. A letter from your sponsor indicating a willingness to serve in that capacity.
  4. If you are an educational institution, include a letter from the administrative head of your agency or school indicating a willingness to accept funds for your program/project.
  5. List of Board of Directors
  6. A one-page budget proposal for the project, listing all expenses and revenue for the program/project including other sources of support and amounts requested and not yet granted (major requests only)
  7. Send the original proposal and five (5) copies to:

P.O. Box 128
East Norwich, New York 11732

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