Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we support causes and institutions we believe in, with an emphasis on helping others and fostering excellence. In carrying out our mission, we only support initiatives that have personal meaning to our family and do not evaluate unsolicited requests. Our goal with every grantmaking opportunity is to have the greatest impact in the shortest period of time with the most efficient use of our resources. Lastly, we insist that the outcome of our charitable and philanthropic work is as tangible, measurable and valuable as possible.

The Licata Family Foundation and its Board of Directors manage the process by which the family decides what to support and how to engage. *To date, we have focused our efforts in the fields of youth development, education, medical research, historical preservation, animal welfare, and the arts, with the intention of expanding our focus to local charities and scholarships based on academic, athletic and community service performance.

In carrying out our mission and making choices about how to invest our grantmaking dollars, we are guided in our selection process by our results-based orientation and by several overarching values that cut across program-area lines.  These values are access, system-wide improvement, prevention and early intervention, self-sufficiency, and high-quality services.

Our Foundation motto, Believe. Inspire. Empower., was chosen to emphasize our commitment in supporting other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that focus on the importance of believing in, inspiring, and empowering lives to make a positive and long-term difference in our communities.

*The Licata Family Foundation is sensitive to the plight of individuals who would like to approach us for financial assistance. However, as an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, LFF can only contribute to those organizations that hold similar status.

"Our guiding philosophy is to invest in people, programs and initiatives that further the mission of the Licata Family Foundation and help build the communities in which we live."

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